Cory Gardner

Personhood Advocate Cory Gardner Comes Out Against Personhood

Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner has a 0% rating from Planned Parenthood Action Fund for voting against positions on women’s health-related legislation. Elected in 2010, he has twice co-sponsored a personhood bill in Congress. He even circulated petitions to get yet another personhood bill on the ballot in Colorado.

But now he’s running for Senate. Now he’s not just in his safe gerrymandered district, but running as a candidate for the entire state of Colorado. Now he has to appear more mainstream. Perhaps more reasonable. And now he’s against personhood bills.

"This was a bad idea driven by good intentions," he told The Denver Post. "I was not right. I can't support personhood now. I can't support personhood going forward. To do it again would be a mistake."

Personhood bills would criminalize all abortions and could also make certain forms of birth control illegal. Even in the reddest of red states like Mississippi they’ve been overwhelmingly rejected by voters. Which explains why he would change his position politically. He said of the change: "The fact that it restricts contraception, it was not the right position.”

Here’s the problem with that statement. His record supporting restrictions on birth control extends beyond his support of personhood. Whenever he has been given a choice about providing access to birth control to women or restricting it, he’s chosen the latter. In 2012, he appeared at a rally with Mitt Romney at a local business, Hercules Industries that has also sued the Obama administration on the benefit, because they object to providing ANY contraceptive benefit.

Gardner can try to change his position on a particularly unpopular issue, but he can’t change his record. He was for it before he was against it…

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